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Monday, September 25, 2006


Ive never been a fan of any religious dogma- I dont know what exactly I would pigeon hole my beliefs as but one thing is for sure with the events that took place over the weekend the catholic church shook my family to the core and enraged the majority of them. There was no priest available for my aunts funeral mass, her grieving family where made wait a full 45 minites whilst people rang frantically neighbouring parish's for an available priest. The priest who eventually turned up was embarressed and did apologise but it went on deaf ears, if the shock of having your mother, wife , sister, aunt, gran, torn from you in the matter of a week and then not having the basic rites as a catholic to have a priest preside over your internment ... there were no words. I had to look at my cousin having to be held down on the pew by his sisters, I cannot imagine the pure incandescent rage he must have felt and neither wanted to ask him about it after the funeral- it was obvious. For whatever reason the priest who was supposed to perform the ceremony didnt turn up the only one would have been acceptable would have been the skypilots own personal albeit horrific death. There were whispers that the priest forgot - bet the bleeder wouldnt have forgot if it was a wedding he was doing with a free meal and a few quid in his pocket. Mum said if anything ever happened to her like that she would want us to take the coffin out of the church and be buried without a priest. I would do it gladly and Id throw a match over my shoulder as I left with her.

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La Cremiere said...

That's terrible. But I never liked priests very much. They... often... misinterprete what God is all about and Love and Peace and Respect and Tolerance and even Compassion. Your Aunt needed not a priest to reach Heaven but what are they here for if not to give support to the grieving family?