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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Odd Conversations

It was a strange brew of a day, with the time in the morning passing like a slow dripping tap and when my boss came in it went into the usual paranoia frenzy of how he thinks everyone is out to close him down and by christmas he will sell the lot of it off..Listening to this day in day out is small wonder why I have psoriasis and it seems to flare up at the end of the day - it was particularly sore yesterday and I had different dressings on which seemed to burn rather than comfort me so on the way home jumped into a taxi where I had the oddest of conversations, firstly the guy started singing a garth brooks tune to me and I felt like saying listen Im paying you to drive not to fucking embaress both you and I here, so he asked me what I thought of Ronan Keating doing the cover version and we debated why his sucess has been scuppered in comparison to Robbie Williams, Initially my first reaction was because hes another manufactured talentless wanker but judging from the taxi drivers 'trendy magazine' look thought he might be a fan and decided to debate about the marketing comparisons of both , for want of a better word, stars and proceeded to make valid points on how anyone can be as famous as Robbie Williams with the right personality and marketing. Then the taxi driver asked me if I was a journalist or a writer because of the way I spoke, I didnt know what way to take it, was it a compliment coming from someone intelligent and articualte or was he simply not used to that level of vocabulary in his taxi? Anyhoo, turns out the taxi driver is a hairdresser (macho type - not the usual archetype one would expect his sex to be in the hair fashion industry) and tells me he is launching a big hairdressing school on the web this week. When I got home and he turned off the clock he kept me talking for a good ten minutes, I gave him some suggestions about his website and he thought one was a cracking idea and waived the fare. It still was very odd conversation because I never thought someone would ask me if I was a writer or journalist on the basis of my opinion on someone like Ronan Keating but my advice to anyone who listens to him is clearly stated on the picture pasted with this entry..

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