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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Molotov Cocktails

To coin a phrase/lyric from the godfather of goth himself Mr Nick Cave ‘people just aint no good’ and that can apply to the longest standing friendships. Those of which are nearly a lifetime relative to the age of the person that is. My sister s longest standing friend is not talking to her because of her choice of partner. And the reason for it from what I gather is guised with concern either because its too soon and /or she feels he makes decisions for her. Neither of which are true my sister is one of the brightest people I have known and does not suffer fools gladly no matter how canny they are. it’s a power struggle on her behalf when push comes to shove and because my sister wants to get on with her life as she wants to live it (have a home, husband and family) this never fitted in with the criteria or beliefs that her friend aspires to or wants other than that of a globetrotting , social butterfly who would rather analyse my sisters relationship and actions with her psycholgist henpecked nodding dog of a boyfriend of ten years. Its sad she cant be happy for my sister and if there is a grain of a seer in this woman and her concerns are founded within time well why does she not simply wait around for time to proove her right and be there for my sister if she is so adamant that what she is doing is wrong and she is the friend that she is supposed to be instead of this narcisstic emotional blackmail. My Sister seems affected to a certain degree but has accepted the situation and embraced her choice. I wish I could let it go as easily as she has because Im half tempted to go around to hers for Molotov cocktails . How dare she do this to my sister, one of the sweetest and inoffensive people I know..
Ryan travels again this weekend to the delinquent teenager to sort her out. I only hope that ha does not bend to her and her oscar winning performances… On the up side I have my girls to myself which can be demanding but outweighs in rewards. But its going to be a long weekend with him travelling on Thursday night. He will be in my old stomping ground of Leicester when he gets there Friday morning.. I wouldn’t mind going with him to tell you the truth if anything just for nostalgia and to beat the kid within an inch of her life.