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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Not enough hours in the day

Im finding things difficult to juggle being at home - between looking for a job, meeting the demands of my children and keeping the house; there just does not seem enough hours in the day and to top it off my leg is back to square one - the first time I thought it was a insect bite - now it turns out that it was an infection from the psoriasis that I have on my leg which went wild with stress over the last couple of weeks. Still I gotta take things into perspective - things could be a lot worse of between having no job, mountains of housework and having a gammy leg. Six years ago today the world changed forever and today thousands of people wake up with an even heavier heart and a listlessness in their soul. My prayers are with them.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

what a world

Stormy weather is an understatement to what Africas storms are enduring at the moment. This was on the BBC news website today - a thing of beauty isnt it? Ferociously mother nature turns the savannah into an electric storm -what breathtaking image! I was never afraid of thunder and lightening Mum told me it was god moving his furniture around and my Dad would tell me it was the pikeys/itinerants/knackers trying to rob the gates of heaven..

Another phenomena albeit manmade was something I seen whilst taking a break from job hunting.

How long does this kind of thing take to organise and do they actually have a life outside of training for it? Incredible and at a loss for words here.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wanna Be Startin Somethin??

Well after another long spell out of blogdom, one or two things points of interest has happened- I quit my job or rather as my boss would see it he fired me- either way I wasnt prepared to drag all the ill feeling and unhappiness back home with me day in day out for a paranoid dilusional and rude imbecile. It seems asking for a long overdue raise was completely out of the question, so standing my ground and pointing out the hard work I have done over the last 12 months was apparently 'questioning his authority' so I left. No job is worth you coming home crying with frustration, anger etc. Id rather spend my day with my family, job hunting and belt tightening than put up with anymore of his crap.

I expect he will be incontact with me soon since I hold the password to the company email etc but if offered a raise etc No money in this world will be good enough to make me work there again, and in the words of the obscure 80s band timbuk 3, I say 'the futures so bright I gotta wear shades'