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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

Getting my leg over

So its been a month now since my last post - truth is this leg has been showing no sign of healing and the adhesive of the dressing was causing one mother of a reaction to the surrounding skin (the 'wound' is one and a half inches long x two inches wide) and it came to a standstill - since September this has been the bane of my life - so I was shipped off to a wound clinic in another part of the city to be given a 3 tier dressing from thigh to toe, this is not incidentally before they pulled me around , poked prodded and injected the 'wound' with a steroid (sans anesthetic I may fucking add) so previously I had been going to the docs every second day getting it dressed and then suolas had been playing doctor the weekend star that he is. My kids have been giving me the runaround sleepwise for the past 2 months and I have astonishingly enough been able to get organised for Christmas somewhat. I apologise to all my good friends who I haven't been in contact or visiting. I miss it so much but being mom and a leper at this stage is my only reason for not being around. Just to give you an idea listen to the lady trying to hit the maria carey note to give you an idea of the pain that I was in when I was injected. I hope to visit you all soon as I can find some black market chloroform for my kids