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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I found my wedding band

If I ever get married this is the band I want!

Dreaming of Tom Waits

Today, Tickets to see Tom Waits went on sale in Dublin. I feel cheated, cheated by greedy bastard promoters who are charging 130 euro to see him live in a tent in a park here in Dublin (ok so its a marquee but when I have to fork out 130 euro for 1 ticket its a fucking tent, I want my acoustics damn it!)

It costs $80 or €50 to see Tom in America. Why the hell do we have to pay almost 3 times as much, its scandalous (question to MCD promotions -do you get a mask with that job of yours you fucking highwaymen??). Mr. Waits should, step in and force the promoters / ticket sellers to cut their prices in half, €116 to €131 for tickets is an outrage! for such a non-sell out icon his fans are getting financially raped.Even if I had that kind of money to go and see him I would wrestle with the fact Im being exploited by these greedy fatcats and Id like to think that I would enjoy Tom better with a glass of wine listening to Closing Time in the midnight hour..

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sleeping with the fishies

Having such a bijou place to live there really is no other option on choices when it comes to pets. Ideally I would love to have a dog but its impossible and totally unfair on a canine com padre with no place to roam (and if I was going to get a dog it would be two of them for companionship) So I decided that a surprise was in order for the girls when I passed by a charity shop and seen a beautiful glass fishbowl in the window for a steal of 3 euro. The fish where quickly named Knuckle and Sammitch and my daughters squealed with delight and enthused over them for many days.Both Suolas and I looked up about their care and habits online and even got a filter pump to keep the little buggers in top form until we noticed something was awry, One of the fish was swimming like it had suffered a stroke, upon closer inspection it was missing a side fin.

Suolas was worried about the poor little bleeder and didn't hold out much hope for it when he discovered that knuckle was indeed having a nibble at sammitch on a daily basis. I too observed this on occasion whilst doing the dishes (the bowl is in situ at the kitchen window) tapping on the side of the fishbowl did nothing to deter him , sometimes he would stop and swim over to the side of the bowl, almost squaring up to me with that look of 'what are you going to do about it then??' in his glassy eyes. I thought maybe if the greedy bastard gets more food he'll stop picking on poor sammitch- no - he started to have a chew on sammichs dorsal, the ruthless Lectar of the goldfish bowl that he is.

When I got up this morning Suolas announced on the QT that Sammitch's suffering was over and he had made the journey from the white porcelain tunnel to the great fish pond in the afterlife. The girls where concerned of his where abouts so I told them he had hurt his tail and was collecting him from the goldfish hospital that morning. They where happy enough with this explanation as the truth would have been too much to absorb into their sensitive little hearts. So later in the petshop asked for the biggest MOFO of the goldfish that they had in the tank Survival of the fittest he he he. Anyway later when drying my eldest from the shower we got talking about sammitch's supposed injury and I told her he hurt his tail when he slipped on the stones - how did he slip on the stones ? she beckoned the question, distracted with her younger sisters mischief I said non chalantly that he was dancing to which she replied with the tone of disbelief and demand 'Dancing??!! I don't see no dancing EVER in the goldfish bowl! I was rumbled. when she was dressed for bed she walked straight over to the kitchen sink and stared for some time and announced there was no dancing going on but the big (new) fish chasing the little one. Sammitch can rest in peace now but my daughters curiosity wont.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I have not been able to any writing as of late or doing anything other than cleaning or decorating/DIY, Yes its that time of year again , a much needed clear out had been on the cards for a long time and after along days work Ive been rewarding myself with episodes of the very beautiful and sparkling 'Pushing Daisies' and enjoying a glass of ice chilled straight ameretti (Im a bit drunk at the moment so forgive me if I spelled that wrong ) So Im off now to shower and sober up before I get a bit too tipsy enjoy all of the below and I shall hopefully be back with something interesting to say.