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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

The Course of True Love..

I think theres a bad moon rising- everyone seems to be in a bad humour.. I thought this morning coming into work would be ok, it was my boss's birthday and as I was helping him with his online tutorials actually managed to get him on line and arrange a date and last night was the night to meet... Turns out his date turned out to be a big burly prison screw, just my luck , I couldnt get him Ms average even, as he was telling me it took every fibre in my being to contain my brewing belly laugh, turns out this woman had a bit of a tom sellick on her face too, he was in awful form as he was all geared up to whisk her away for a weekend of debauchery. My Boss, never one to mince words summed up the lady in six words 'nice girl, bit of a lesbian..' And as it was his birthday and he's estranged from his family so far all I want to do is mutter' calm blue ocean' incessantly and when I get out of here I have to hope my other half is out of his mardy arsed mood too. Im no good for these frying pan / fire situations it has a domino effect on me they can thank my children for their existence or else I would be cracking skulls right now..

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