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Monday, September 18, 2006

Birthdays and Teenaged Boys Dreams

It was Eibhes second birthday on Sunday, we didnt go all out like Lucis, primarily because Mum was in hospital and it wouldnt have been the same without here so it was a quite affair ( ?) Wil, my brother brought over a keyboard with a mic stand and stool, there was absolute bedlam, with Luci crying 'please sister please' through hoarse snuffled cries and then Eibhe screaming and crying with absolute despair as we took it temporally away for the situation to calm down. Anyway I made dinner (a roast beef dinner worthy of a marriage proposal) and a slow tick of visitors for the birthday girl came and went. For Eibhes main present we got her a bouncy castle which is about 6x6 and damn near takes up half the sitting room, with no pump provided , Ryan and I nearly burst a lung each blowing it up, but it was worth that christmas day magic smile when they entered the room to find this mysterious fun house that appeared from no where in all its blown up glory. I got a great kick out of telling my sister the night before just as I was finishing our telephone conversation that I had to get going as I had a big blow job lined up for the night to hear her splutter was just heaven and how I cackled at her reaction!

Later on whilst channel hopping and to fill an hour before ryans wrestling PPV came on we watched a bit of 'the descent' or was it the cave - dunno either way it was crap from what I remember falling in and out of sleep, the parts I did wake up to were fairly gory and gruesome which didnt frighten me (for I am made of sterner stuff *she bellows*) but indeed planted the seeds for the dreams that teenage boys should be having (of the derring do variety not of the wet variety) Simply I was part of a terrorist training squad and in part of the training we where sent into this building which could only be described as dismemberment central - it housed an array of psychotic murderers and it was dark and dismembered bodies including childrens lay strewn around the building which looked uncannily like the chelsea hotel in new york. Anyway the mission was to find our target terrorist amidst the murderers waiting in the eves - of course this was a virtual reality training with a bio suit which allowed you to 'feel' everything from a hand clawing at you or squeezing through a small space (yes My dreams are the made from the stuff hollywood can only wish for) - to cut a long story short having 'contained the terrorist' and the mission completed (with a big shoot out at the end as you would expect) myself and my other comrades switched off our realistic/futuristic virtual reality suits and made our way out to the training cloakroom to disrobe when a malfunction happens and the virtual reality becomes a reality in some mad computer/twilight zone way and we are really fighting for our lives and not so much 'training'.. I woke up feeling like there was some sweat soaked teenage boy shooting out of his bed having dreamt of screaming children and a keyboard. Maybe I did high jack someone elses dream last night. And in most ways would have made for a better movie then the one we watched last night..

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