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Friday, September 8, 2006

Oi Burton Ive a bone to pick with you!...

I feel a bit hard done by really - one could argue it was my own greed others might say its just marketing but heres the problem.. in 1996 I started to buy Nightmare Before Christmas figures and toys etc Each week I went to forbidden Planet in Dublin would spend a geeks wages on the stuff with 2 objectives 1 I had just moved into my flat which was devoid of Cool stuff having had to pair down my worldly belongings having moved back from the UK 2 I reasoned my exorbitant spending was purely investment - I mean in years to come they would be worth something for my unborn children back then. So years rolled by and with the rise of Marilyn Manson and the surge of the 'goth' scene the merchandise just kept on growing and growing and there are hundreds of jack skellington items and such and I feel like I was naive but none the less disappointed - Having seen every little weekend goth in a hoodie with nightmare on it or walking into FP to see a whole wall devoted to it pisses me off no end and I cant help but think Tim Burton is turning into a cash whore about his creations - I mean Corpse Bride was chronic I have to say, I think Disney seen the success with Nightmare and decided him to flog the proverbial no pun intended dead horse, and asked him to bend over so they could get him to give them another cash cow on the dividends that Nightmare gave. Now one could argue that I was part of this pyramid but really if I had the foresight of where the merchandise's direction was going I wouldn't have bought them or rather as much of them and invested my money in something else in movie genre collectibles that more or less had only a limited shelf life. Hind sight is a wonderful thing but I'm still fucked off when I see the little goth kids thinking they are cool with the nightmare hoodies etc Yes I'm elitist in my own dark little world..

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