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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Lazy Arsed Wench

yes yes yes I know I know Ive been such a lazy whoooer in the last 2 months I dunno what valid reason to give, any one which I would pro-offer would be slapped away in a smack of disgust - it would belittle us all so lets not go into it. But suffice to say I will be assaulting your eyes with regularity when my broadband comes to my house and my meanderings will be most likely more complaintative (is that a real word?) left of field and just plain old bumbling..

I was really sad to hear of Steve Irwins death yesterday, I really admired his fearlessness and his enthusiasim and passion to his field of expertise. He was a mad bugger and I think thats what a lot of people loved about him, and I think most of us thought he was invincible - apparently his death by a stingray was the 4th known fatality in Austrailia and it was a fluke that he got hit in the chest with it...

Looks like my sis is off to new york to get married in november then its a 5 week honeymoon across china singapore and hong kong I told her Id carve her up if she set foot in my door the jammy wench LOL my dad asked me if I picked up the kitchen table and hit ryan with it when she told me of her nuptual plans lol. Im delighted for her *said with pursed lips* only joking smell if you read this - its comic relief! Truly Im delighted for her but Mam cant make it as she will be recovering from her hip surgery.. Anyway at least I dont have to do bridesmaid..

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