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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Feline Foe

According to the disneys aristocats song *everybody wants to be a cat because a cats the only cat who knows where its at*

Two things

Not everyone wants to be cat - Count me to be first in the que for that badge

A cat does know where its at - These are the slyest most selfish animals ever and the annoy the fuck out of me, coming up looking for a rub and rewarding you with a purr to give you that feel good factor but the minute they have had their fill of you they bugger off and no amount of coaxing will win them back and if you piss them off or over do the coaxing they will scratch you, and their owners think ahh its just his nature yet if a dog did it the poor fucker would be put to sleep. Aside from having no affinity with the feline fiends I am also allegeric to them so not only is it my mind that detests them my genetic make up too can not tolerate them. I make no secret of the fact of this ever growing hatred in my heart for them and although I would not willingly harm them They know where they stand with me.

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