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Friday, September 8, 2006

Something for the Weekend?

Spent a good chunk of my time on the net reading a few blogs and because Im in beta now cant comment on the majority of them.. Tits! I really wanted to comment on the anticrapilist one who slagged of the barry scott commercial for cillit bang, turns out this market created personality has his own blog and get this links his in with paul daniels??? The net is so uninspiring at times..
Mam is getting her second hip replacement next week but is going into hospital today for the weekend to get all her tests etc before she goes under the knife shes more aprehensive about it now because this time she knows whats ahead ..
I hope to catch up on some serious sleep over the weekend , planning just to go to bed early and get some organising to the house.. I have the new Nick Cave dvd the proposition to watch so thats something to look forward to..

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