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Monday, October 23, 2006

Time travel on a saturday morning

One of the best saturday morning movies I have ever seen is Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I happened by it quite by chance while making Ryan his early morning coffee and his peels of laughter reverberated around the house. I have never laughed at the tv so much at that hour on a saturday and it felt like I was 10 years old again watching movies in my jammies with my corn flakes! Its all about this guy joel who gets captured in space and made 'talk' via torture with bad b movies with his crew side kick robots in the torture room which is really a cinema.The film is almost split into two, the first theater segments are where we watch the movie along with Joel and the robots, whose silhouettes can be seen at the lower portion of the screen where hey make fun of the acting, the special effects, the plot, and anything else that deserves to be mocked as have one thing in common - they are all bad. Really bad. The most common types of movies shown are science fiction movies. These include Godzilla and Gamera movies, futuristic movies, astronauts lost in space or exploring alien worlds, all types of odd monsters, and giant insects. But there are plenty of other film catagories represented: spy films, westerns, Christmas films, Hercules movies, horror films, skydiving, rebellious teens, ninjas, bikers, and Russo-Finnish mythology, to name but a few.The other part of the film (which is small in comparison) shows how the captor thinks he is unleashing pure pain on Joel and his crew which is hillariously ironic for the viewer. For those of us wanting to have that childhood carefree saturday hour or two ,take this celluloid time travel movie to bring you there..


Stucco said...

They replaced Joel after a few seasons or so, and they lost a little of the magic at that point. I love MST3K and wish it were still in reruns here.

"Mmmmm....Winged potatoes" Heh

Hammer said...

I've watched it from time to time.
The commentary is great.

One of the best ones they made fun of was: The man with two heads.


slaghammer said...

There is another show along those same lines called MXC, which is loosely translated as Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. It’s a Japanese reality show that is overdubbed with fairly well written comedy. The real entertainment in this one is the injuries sustained by the unprepared idiots as they try to complete obstacle courses. I find myself cringing and laughing at the same time.

Judith said...

I never knew there was a series just the movie..

Slaggy I think Ive seen something similar along the lines of that except it was called 'endurance'