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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hen Party

Its My sisters hen party tomorrow night (bridal shower) Now when hen party is mentioned over here it usually involves a stripper, adourning the bride to be with learner plates , a horned alice band and a mini veil.

Thankfully my sister has the good taste not to go down that road, its just a meal with 3 guys singing in sombreros. I have never been to a hens party before, most of my friends got married when I was in the uk, but as I write I remember going to a themed restaurant in Leicester with my friends Mel & Nick who were a delightful couple that simply loved 'entertaining nights' out. We would go to comedy clubs and they would host 70s barbeques etc Anyway the themed restaurant was called sunset boulevard, and as these places maybe quite common place in the states, they were still very much a novelty over in old blighty. Nick, was a comic genius in his own right seemed to revel in the anticipation. Mel had hyped this place all week telling me how there was a stage with an Elvis impersonator crooning over the 'hot bannana' sundaes. I was fired up and biting at the bit to get there. When we entered the place we noticed it was that the stage was right next to our table, I use to the word stage very loosely , this was more like the top of a school desk. Dont get me wrong the food was great and we never tired of the curled lip, gyrating hips and the 'thank you very much's but what made it for me was when during the interval of the show (bare in mind there were only about a dozen or so tables in the joint) when Elvis reached for his white towel and off stage for a breather he made his way to the bar where I was ordering drinks and I uttered the mythological sentence 'Elvis what are you having to drink?' to which he replied in full Elvis accent ' Rum and black, Bayhba!' I thought 'Pure class'. I dont think the 3 amigos tomorrow night will ever revive that kind of magic for me.

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