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Friday, October 6, 2006

Bad Press? Me?

You can make your own opinion on these beasts I Know Ive voiced my distain for them, but am I so wrong??? Put them in the the Pitts with the moggies! Actually this picture is from the net that sells toy Komodos who'd want to fucking cuddle that!!?
Toy Komodo DragonItem # 072910-29
This realistic museum-quality replica of a komodo dragon realistic skin texture, body markings, and gait. Model size is 6.5L x 1.5H (16.5x3.5 cm). Artistically sculpted and hand-painted. Perfect for play or collecting. Comes with a five-language hang tag.$4.99

The Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) is the largest living lizard in the world, growing to an average length of 2-3 meters (10 feet). In the wild large adults tend to weigh around 70kg (154 pounds). Captive specimens often weigh more. The largest verified wild specimen was 3.13 metres (10 feet 3 inches) long and weighed 166kg (365 pounds), including undigested food

Komodo dragons are carnivorous. Although they seem to like carrion, studies show that they also hunt live prey with a stealthy approach followed by a sudden short charge, during which they can run briefly at speeds up to 20 km/h (~13 mph). Komodo dragons have not traditionally been considered venomous, but the serrations along their teeth are an ideal niche for over 50 strains of bacteria. If the initial bite does not kill the prey, and it escapes, the deadly infections caused by the bacteria living in the dragon's teeth kill the prey within a week. Then the Komodo dragon descends upon its victim, tracking by smell to feed upon its dead flesh. The dragon also has large claws that are used when they are younger to climb trees to escape from the jaws of the older dragons, but when they are older these are used mainly as weapons.
The Komodo dragon's prey is wide ranging, and includes wild pigs, goats, deer, and water buffaloes. In the wild they have also been observed to eat other smaller dragons. Occasionally they have been known to eat humans and human corpses. Over a dozen human deaths have been attributed to dragon bites in the last century, though there are reports of survivors of the resulting septicemia.


slaghammer said...

Seems like I remember a tale of a researcher who disappeared while studying them. They found a hat and part of a shirt or maybe a shoe. Snakes are ok. Alligators I can live with. I put Komodos in the same category as wasp and hornets, I can live without them.

Judith said...

i remember reading an article that sharon stones husband got bit by one and nearly ended up loosing his leg - Id chop my leg off anyway if I got bit by one of those rancid bastards.. Hornets ? I dont think we get too many of those here and Im alright with aligators and snakes and various other reptiles but these buggers are completly vile to me (oohh can you feel the love!?)