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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The thrill of the unknown

Im excited, the fruits of my labours in both personal and business worlds should reap a big dividend this week , with the latter knowing that I have orchestrated two of the biggest deals the company has reaped in two years. On a personal note I will find out if some of my hard work has paid off tonight for my six month hurdle... Fingers crossed..

there seems to be a strange mood in the atmosphere in general for everyone but Im avoiding it it seems..


Stucco said...

NO NO NO NO NO! You can't keep bring up the six month thing without spilling the beans! Pbbbbbt!

Judith said...

Awhh sorry sweetie, Listen as soon as the six months is up you will be the first I email with what it actually is, deal?

Stucco said...

Well, okay then, but you can't keep torturing the rest of us with these taunts of secrecy. That's not fair! Neener neener neener!