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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Forgotten Fav's I

I was sitting down unwinding last night wishing for winter and the glorious movies of days gone by when I started to think about the classics that I havent seen in ages and the disgust that I had not included these in my favorites, the first is 'The Great Race' , its two main characters are united from the brilliant Billy Wilder comedy 'Some Like it Hot' , Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon,

The Great Leslie (Tony Curtis) is a daredevil and showman, a wealthy man who is famed for such things as setting speed records or Houdini-esque escape acts. Professor Fate (Jack Lemmon) is Leslie's nemesis whose own promotional stunts usually end in failure or embarassment. Leslie has the respect and admiration of businessmen and the media, whilst Fate sulks behind the walls of his dark mansion and is not taken seriously in general; hence he bears an eternal grudge against his white-suited rival and in order to strip Leslie of his popularity which he so craves he decides to compete in a race with him and tries to sabotage him every inch of the way . My favorite moments are when professor fate screams at kids around his property, telling a dog he hates him and every wonderful comedic moment between his sidekick Peter Faulk aka Max. Please if you can get this DVD do yourself a favour get yourself some munchies and as Professor Fate would say 'Push the button Max!'

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