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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Soundtrack to my life

There is a meme going around with people naming the soundtracks of their lives, smacks a bit of high fidelity but heres some off the top of my head without lying to be cool

The serphants egg - This was the first album I heard of theres and it basically formed my love for the ethereal and world music fusion . During this time I was about 22 was just out of college. I was still living at home and it was the first time I really felt at home with a certain type of music in other words it was like listening to a good friend with new stories.Lisa Gerrard has been described as a gothic nun and Brendan Perry a troubador vocally speaking. On some tracks they accompany each other, while others feature only one of the artist's chilling or mystical sounding vocals There are so many favorites of mine but stretched on your grave and american dreaming both have personal beautiful memories.

Cocteau Twins

Was around the summer of 92, I remember listening to this for hours in my bedroom working on making strange and elaborate envelopes to my boyfriend at the time who was in the uk, its one of the best backround creation albums that evoke the senses.For me Victorialand takes off where Prozac fails. It is the only known (apart from drugs that is) means of dividing the soul from the body, leaving the body to cope with life at a basic level, whilst the mind is set free to navigate the celestial heavens of experience and emotional reward and as for Heaven or Las Vegas This album is pure magic ....I close my eyes and I'm in the most formative years of my life feeling the warm summer nights lying on the grass with my close friends, ciggarettes and endless chatter and laughter, staring at the setting suns pink/orange clouds, awaiting another endless night.
Mer De Noms

This album I heard in 2001 I never really heard of the band until one day on a buffy site (yes Im a Joss whedon fand and proud of it) Someone quoted the Judith lyrics to me on a thread but never really bothered searching them out until I met my love, 3 Libras on the album is about being overlooked but the irony is wasted since it was the most magical time listening to the track on a cold night with a roaring fire under the covers with the one you love in its string-laden glory.
For some unknown reason this album sticks out for my late teens I loved it because of its fire ' Vulgar display of power' covered everything: decay of society, racism, war, peace, self-respect, self-loathing, love, loss of a friend, anger towards parents, hatred, everything and I loved it when listening to it on my 'walkman' (Im showing my age here) I felt indistructable. Its angry youth incarnate
This was the first music I heard when I arrived home with my first baby, Ryan had stayed up all night making sure the house was perfect, I was overwhelmed with everything and cried with pure joy to be home,and for the first time with my new family(hang on I think theres something in my eye..sniff).Do you ever find Music that every time you listen you are touched in an inexplicable way? It is as if the Music doesn't just filter through your ears but through your blood, your mind, your heart and your very Being. This music will soothe you no matter what emotion you have..
All About Eve & Nick Drake

These are the people responsible for me learning guitar at 17, it wasnt Hendrix or Page -just Tim from all about eve and Nick. I wrote a letter to joe boyd who wrote on the back of Nicks album 'heaven in a wildflower' and although Nick was dead years before, he passed it on to his mother and she wrote back to me thanking me for all the beautiful things I said and we continued to send each other cards on holidays etc which was really nice. I remember trying to learn marthas harbour and northern sky for hours. Now though with my dead finger cant play guitar.. Bahh


Stucco said...

I'd like my soundtrack to be all "adult cinema" music. Bow chicka bow bow....

Judith said...


Judith said...

bugger, something mad happened there which posted my comment way too early.. What I was going to say above was Oooh you cant beat the wah wah peddle of the adult cinema or as bill hicks would call it hairy bobbing man ass music or the subtle tones of the mellow keyboard (70s style) for the tender moments of adult movies (am I showing too much knowledge on the subject and dare I say it have we made a connection my friend LOl?)

Stucco said...

Indeed! I have a friend who downloads 70's porn exclusively (his "thing" it would seem) and he's made me copies before, and it weren't for the music they'd not register with me at all. In the 70's everyone was really hairy and boring.

In other areas, your response got me to thinking about how little Dead Can Dance I had (The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove) so I downloaded more. I also d/l Victorialand and am listening now. Not bad at all.

Judith said...

Victorialand is for the rain and the winter listen to it on a cold winters evening around dusk time OOOhh the atmos!And Cico Buff of Bluebell Knoll is the ultimate christmas song.