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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ahhhh Shaaaaad ahhhp!

The only cat I will ever love is Sylvester Cat. And being a huge huge fan of wb cartoons from the 40s to the mid 60s ( Anyone up for a quote challange) cannot help but be endeared with statements like 'its as confusing as a mouse in a burlesque show' to ' why the copious flow of lacerous fluid ? ' and the countless classics 'ahh yoir muddah rides a vaccum cleaner' One of the most recently entertaining cartoons Ive seen is the classic 'the last hungry cat' all about how sylvester slips when making a grab for Tweety Bird in Granny's flat, and falls dazed to the floor as one of Tweety's feathers lands in his mouth. Tweety runs off. Sylvester comes to and finds the feather lodged between his lips. He thinks he has swallowed and killed Tweety and suffers terrible remorse.A Hitchcockian voice in the cartoon continually chides Sylvester for his evil act "sardines and milk were not good enough for you where they ? You had to go out and commit murder didnt you?" and warns how Sylvester's conscience will induce mental collapse. Sylvester experiences exactly this, retreating to a decrepit hideout like a common criminal, pacing the floor to the point that it crumbles under him, chain-smoking and coffee-drinking in fear of going to sleep, and developing a red-eyed case of severe insomnia. He finally "cracks" and runs into the streets, confessing his crime, thankfully to find that he had not eaten the canary. But he resumes the chase anyhow, because he cannot help but enact his instincts released from the immediate strain of guilt. Classic! Another reason I love him is the way he roars shut up, if I could deliver it like he I would never need to swear again..


Stucco said...

Y'know- I'm sorta in Daffy's corner overall ("consequences, schmonsequences- as long as I'm rich!"), but I do take great delight in how Bugs Bunny pronounces Champs Elysées ("champs" like short for "champions" and "Ellie-Why-See-Ays"). Warner Brothers stuff was WAY better than the bullshit that that crapsack Disney ever put out. I have a sound clip of a line from the Bugs Bunny "Mutiny on the Bunny" 'toon which starts with an alarming laugh and then says "I was a human being once". Brilliant.

O said...

Was there a quote challenge?
The elephant in that frame says, "You do and I'll give you such a pinch!" Then slams Elmer into the ground.

Judith said...

Im open to any quote challanges with warner/looney tunes cartoons..the elephant actually said that in response to elmer being told he could only shoot the same animal that his gun was named was named after that was an elephant gun. Gotta just love the voice of that elephant!

O said...

"Fer shame Doc! Huntin rabbits with an elephant gun. Now why don't you go out and shoot yerself an elephant!"
Agreed - no one did cartoons like the Warner Brothers back then, before or since.
Two of my favorites are Hillbilly Hare (I have an mp3 of the entire square dance song, in addition to the cartoon) and Bully for Bugs (the bullfight one).