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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yule better watch out

St Andrews Day- Billy Idols Birthday - Cleopatras Anniversery-

My Christmas panic is starting to set in. Between getting everyone the right presents to hoping the girls dont injure themselves tipping the tree over on a daily basis. The main thing is that the girls are taken care of. Im really looking forward to the morning when the girls come down and find their toys, no doubt there will be a few blows exchanged between the two as their presents are very different and the war cry in strained high pitched panic 'stop it' from luci will reverberate around the room but if I have chosen well I dont have to worry about that.

What I want for christmas is just a few simple things for the house 1,that the room gets sorted out once and for all - it goes from bad to fucking nuclear winter in the space of a few days from getting in a touch organised to what the fuck happened in here? 2, one wall in the kitchen and the sitting room painted and thats it.. Not much of a list but with babies in the equation makes it damn near impossible to get the time to do it.

Anyway Ive 3 weeks to sort it all out we'll see if I end up spraying dopey fifty something blood on my excursions for the christmas presents for I have no patience for the ignorant impolite of that generation who should know better so thats the reason why I spend my saturdays mornings at 8am in the city centre avoiding feeding time in the commercial serengeti but one of these days Ill bring home a kill like an apache and start a collection if it gets any worse than last year.

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