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Friday, November 18, 2005

Envy wears an ugly face

Well I have joined the online mass and decided to ramble about my daily business and my thoughts... I am in work at the moment - I work in a builders office (where everyone has tourettes syndrome ) pretty soon I will be going home to Ryan and the girls to start the daily routine of baths and cleaning up - so technically Im going back to my second job where I dont clock off untill 9 when eibhe falls asleep and Luci is tucked up in bed, thats when ryan and I put the world to rights , engage in addictive substances and conversation and have showers and turn in. Tonight though we will be getting our acts together packing wise for prague and scouring our place to make sure no incriminating evidence is around for my mother when she looks after the girls in our place when we are away...

Its the first time Ive been away in in years, and its our first proper holiday together, I know it wont be long enough. From sunday night to wednesday night - it sounds like its over before its begun. Maureen showed me a photo of a miniture castle herself and damien have hired out - looks wonderfully romantic - jammy bastards, they are like Judith Chamers and Alan whittaker these days -yes- envy wears an ugly face.

I wonder how D is recovering ? He was in a pretty bad way and nursing a broken heart to boot, pity theres no doctors sutcher that can mend that affliction.

Im in the wrong frame of mind to truly begin this today, its nearly quitting time, and the key to the office toilet is lost (my paranoid boss hides it to stop all those *dragged up animals* marking out their territory or making a dirty protest in the bowl). Ill just listen to Pink Floydds Wish you were here and momentarily dedicate it to the toilet key as I wait until 5pm and run from the kness down to my hygenic WC at home.

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