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Friday, November 18, 2005

Bed Language and Old Age

Once you have found the story that you want to tell, you must begin to think carefully about how you are going to tell it. By looking at stories which have been very successful, you can see which elements are crucial to maintaining a reader's interest this is the best reason to cease reading my blog, You may be brushed with the wings of comedy now and again but what this serves, to me personally , is for my own amusement -nothing more.
No sooner had I left the office and walked to the bus stop I realised I had left my purse in my desk - Luckily and I do mean luckily, I had money in my pocket to get the bus home ( Remember the lost key incident from yesterday? Uh- huh, untold damage has been done to my bladder with the pregnancies, and me and the wino who usually clears a 3 metre radius on the bus would have made for two peas in a proverbial piss stinking pod) I RAN from the knees down to the sanctuary of my promised porcelin land when I got home. Now there are two faces Ryan has on him when I come home ; 1 Pleased and in good form or 2 Broken and a little tested- it was a touch of the latter Im afraid .. Anyone who has more than one baby under the age of 3 will tell you how much hard work it is and If they (the little monsters) are in bad form you can pretty much lay bets on the Parents is a few hurdles in front or behind their kid. I shooed him upstairs and let him chill out at his pc then in no time at all they where bathed and in bed. Ryan had an interview the next morning so it was kind of an early night for us. I couldn’t sleep for ages when we got up there I think what it was , was I half expected one of the girls to wake up which has been happening for 5 consecutive nights now , just as we got comfy one of them would wake up. So I lay there listening to all of them breathing, watching the shadows and felt ryans foot subconsciously stroking my toes as he fell into a deeper slumber- Its my favourite part of the day little moments like that, Ive been in enough relationships by now to know that the bed language between two people really does spell out a lot about the relationship. I actually giggled out aloud too thinking about this, we all at one time or another, have gone to sleep on an argument and when that happens both parties (depends on who feels more wounded I suppose) hang off either side of the bed. The unwillingness to be in close proximity of one another is bordering on comical - I often wish when that when it does happens , one of us falls out of the bed just to alliviate the situation - god it would be fuckin hilarious!!

Im back at work here - the day is going slowish and this pc is giving me no end of hassle - Especially hotmail. Bastards wont let me print out my flight information for sunday so after a pleading call to my sister maureen shes printing it out on her reliable government laptop for me. I reckon Ill just take it easy here (boss is away) do a few doodles, some spider solitare, smoke illegally until 5 and take myself off home. Friday night is what ryan likes to call 'our night' so it maybe a take away, or a bottle of something (ameretto, baileys or bulls blood) but its always good. Tomorrow is my birthday - with every year that passes my inner child gets more and more disappointed, and the grown up in me looks for another ailment *Thirty-five is when you finally get your head together and your body starts falling apart. ~Caryn Leschen* Im 34 tomorrow I have 12 months to find the elixir of life or what ever other chimerical illusion old farts seek.

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