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Friday, November 25, 2005

Baby its cold outside

Brrrrrrrrr ! I sit here in a draughty old office bored to tears and am not looking forward to going outside but its damned if I do damned if I dont.. I think the last entry was a little long but theres not many of you reading it as to my knowledge So should I really care?? Naw..
Last night was mainly uneventful we are still getting over all the hoofing and travelling and we both have agreed that we both felt we got the kicking of our lives having spent the night in our bed again - Hotel Waldstein certainly has upped our standards on comfy pillows and beds.. I may suprise ryan today and get him a new pillow (of the humongous variety) after work. Hes been hankering for some ever since we were picking out lucis new bed clothes from argos...

Luci and Eibhe are back into the routine - being away from them for 3 days was weird - eibhe looks so big now even though she still looks like a munchkin and luci seems to be doing her own thing more and more now in a very grown up fashion - if they would only change their sleeping habits I would never want them to grow old and stay as sweet as they are..

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