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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Swinging from the rafters

We are here! The first night we got here it was raining and so so cold. Ryan was the first to open our hotel room which was a loft suite with twee windows and manic laughter came from his being. I was about a flight of stairs behind him trying to navigate without going on my ear on the small steps, as I came in there he was swinging from the wooden beams over our antique beds - it was the most beautiful hotel room Ive ever been in (not that I have been in many - Im a good girl) full of antique art nouveu furniture, religious pictures and god the place was like toast it was everything and more and when we tried out the bed, I was almost tempted to ask the receptionist to get me a cardiac doctor as I would have trouble getting Pearson out of the bed in the morning.

We where up about 10 and went down for breakfast which seemed more like a running buffet of cheese meat and pastries. I realised that my boots where not going to cut the mustard with the thousands of cobblestones that lay ahead and before we even got out I was already lamenting for my sensible shoes that lay under the kitchen chair in dublin. It was a slow days walking but we managed to hoof quite a bit, took in a boat ride around prague, had dinner and found a tattoo parlor that specialised in Gigers Alien tattoos Ryan is seriously considering getting one tomorrow before we leave.. (we have 8 hours to kill between checking out and into the airport..

today we are heading out to wenceles square and meeting up with some of ryans friends that he met out here whilst filming in prague. My he sounds so jet set and hoi poloi. We plan on getting a bottle of absinthe and holing ourselves in the room tonight with a deck of cards hopefully it will not be that bad tastewise..

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