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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Forgetting Room

I cant understand how those big gaps got in my last posts or indeed how to get rid of the bleeders. The weekend was a bit of a giggle. Just the same old stuff shopping ,cleaning, and the endless job that is the forgetting room. Anything and everything is hockied in there at the moment. Due to lack of storage - funny I never felt completely moved in to the flat - I suppose the reason why is that not all rooms are functional. At the moment there are 2 computers - an armless 2 foot plaster christ, boxes, mountains of vids and cds, a 28' tv huge desk a bunk bed and all our clothes Theres probably a few homeless people living in there too for the looks of the place.. For the past 6 months ryan has been organising it all but its only on a sunday he gets a chance to do it and until we sort out the storage - ie build a built in wardrobe we can only then get sorted..

D is back from the hospital -everything went fine. Next few months is going to be hard for him, I think he can handle the physical side of the healing but its his heart that needs more work to get him back on track - If he didnt have that on his plate I think he would recover at a speedier rate.

Brought the girls to see santa yesterday - thought eibhe would need councilling afterwards with her dislike for strange men but they where both as good as gold and the photographer and santa both said they where two of the most beautiful looking children they had ever seen. All in the gene pool (mine LOL) the photographer said all women should have eyes like theirs so they can melt into them - do I have to pay extra for this bullshit I felt like asking him LOL

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