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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

eavesdropping for profit

Ive decided to have a conscientious stab at getting back to writing, since yesterday we got the wood for the forgetting room and I can set up my computer and desk so when the girls are asleep I can write. Now this blog is hardly an advertisement for my capabilities , but theres an ingénue in the making here and I want to take the literary world by storm. Brace yourselves people for the luminosity exuding from the bushel of my being in the next few months.

So concentrating on the dynamics of some characters that I have, I decided to eaves drop on the crowded bus on the way to and from work. Not a protagonist or antagonist amongst them with the exception of a chav family screaming at one another as to whos responsibility it was to stop their child running up and down the aisle of the bus, she was too interested in examining her dreads and he was too interested in listening to UB40 on his phone holding it aloft showing off - imbeciles - I felt like saying get off the bus Im not aspiring to be the next bleeding roddy doyle..

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