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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Numb Nuts

More news stories but this is more like a serial gimp is on the loose. He would have had more luck in a lesbian bar feeling boobies for that result.. Anyhoo heres the official take on it..
Police in Ontario are looking for a man who allegedly approached women and asked them to kick him in the groin.
Three women reported similar incidents to police and two of the women reported the suspect was on a bicycle. The various incidents allegedly occurred over the last two months.

Police Sgt. Cate Welsh said the man's request is not a crime, but they are concerned it may be a precursor to sexual assault.

"That kind of behavior tends to be a precursor to sexual assault. That's what we're trying to determine," Welsh said.

The suspect is described as white, in his early twenties, with a brown goatee and a large gap between his front teeth.

None of the women reported injuries.


Glamourpuss said...

Just considering the logistics of kicking a man on a bicycle in the balls...



Judith said...

Hoike the bike between his legs I suppose rather than kick it?.. This guy could be pre-op transexual and maybe hoping that if she does enough damage the meat and 2 veg enough they could maybe be moved up the list surgery wise? - a wild guess if you will!

My Reflecting Pool said...

thats not a bad theory. Or maybe he found himself very numb one day and is still experiencing it. Or maybe he is so full of self loathing that his only pennance is to have others kick him where it counts.

Stucco said...

...and reportedly has a funny high voice...

Judith said...

Stroking imaginary beard * Hmm very interesting Pool

a high voice and gap in the teeth? He must talk like that beaver in winnie the pooh