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Monday, May 28, 2007

A message from Ray

The Pop up seems to have disappeared - but please please let me know if you guys see anything on my page like that again, it really pissed me off to a height over the weekend knowing that little window was whoring itself on my page - thanks to all who notified me..
This one is for all you little whoring windows out there


Flyinfox_SATX said...

Thanks for Ray! I always love Ray...no matter what. The man was a genius.

Yeah, I hate Popups as well. They suck! I have not seen anything out of place so far.


Judith said...

Hey Flyin Fox
Theres a coolness about ray thats for sure - thanks for stopping by and letting me know of the pop up status!

My Reflecting Pool said...

He was one cool man. It doesn't get any more earthy and real than that voice.

Judith said...

I never knew he was a heroin user Pool until I saw the movie Ray - which was a brilliant movie Jamie Foxx deserved the Oscar for that.