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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Double the security

On retirement homes; because if this seasons fashions are anything to go by , it will look like a geriactric catwalk. I am NOT a follower of fashion by no means, I have my own distictive style thank you very much but if these patterns are anything to go by there should be licences issued with these patterns they are that loud. why would anyone want that nylon / polyester look going on, not to mention sweaty crevices?? Its going to make buying new clothes in the next few months increasingly difficult for me with these bright colors and crazy patterns. Someone had left a fashion supplement from a paper on the bus and I was astounded that women obviously want to go for that bedsit wallpaper look..

I dont know what it is about the whole deal with this look but why does it scream grime, sweat and copious amounts of pubic hair. Each to there own and live and let live but I just had to say Blerghhh!


Glamourpuss said...

Yeah, I had to buy some new clothes for work last weekend - painful. The trouble with patterns is that they date so quickly - you pay good money for a dress and in 36 hours, it's hideously unfashionable.

Still, there's lots of purple around :-)


My Reflecting Pool said...

I can't tell you how tragic I would look in that dress on the cover. You need to be 6 feet tall and a size 2 to carry that off. That aint me.

Judith said...

as long as its straight dark purple like the lovely violet of my blog = none of the vomit purple print of a maxi dress
I hear you. I think I would just look like a circus tent if I wore it

General Catz said...

I dunno, i liked some of the 70s clothes (not the polyester). As for the caftan, i was under the impression that it was something to wear around the house. I don't remember seeing people wear them in public.

Judith said...

its not only kaftans its the whole 'orange flame' nylon look, crazy patterns its just... its just...bleedin awful!