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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Election 07

Tomorrow Ireland goes to the polls and Im totally undecided who to vote for - for those not au fait with irish politics theres a new kid on the block, a contender if you will to Bertie Ahernes throne - Enda Kenny. How and ever without boring you guys with the dimness of their policies this made me howl - granted not as much as it would you guys but I thought I would share.


My Reflecting Pool said...

I'm not sure after watching these, which one I'd vote for. The second one seems to have met a lot of big name people while the second one can't even impress Paula Abdul. Dilema.

Judith said...

thats the dilema alright - same shit only different color

Glamourpuss said...

I thought I couldn't get any more cynical about politics than I was during the Thatcher years. I was wrong. They are all a bunch of gobshites.