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Monday, May 14, 2007

Arthurs Avalon

I still have a great affinity with ol blighty and her legends - this is glastonbury tor and it was taken a few days ago by an amateur photographer, Spectacular isnt it? The Magic still hums in the land today.


Hammer said...

That is a spectacular photo!

Glamourpuss said...

A friend of mine lives at the bottom of the tor. I must go and visit her. I love it there.


My Reflecting Pool said...

whoa, that is breathtakingly beautiful.

Judith said...

Tis a very beautiful shot
You lucky devil
its amazing how the sea looks like the sky

General Catz said...

I'm shocked to see an Irish person say they have an affinity for England. I thought i was going to be lynched when i even mentioned i used to live in England to some Irish folk when i visited.

Judith said...

I was in love with a terribly english gent at the time I have fond memories of england and part of me is still there but I am essentially irish at heart