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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sweet Innocence

As a mother I am savouring every sweet innocent trusting moment I have with my daughters. And with 2 of them so young these moments are plentiful. Their conversations and gestures would soften the hardest of hearts and their devilish mischief endears me more and has my heart at bursting point 24/7 with love. With each day there are more new experiences and trials that come with the job description of being a parent. When I started blogging I did it with the intention of having my own personal stamp on it; in other words I didn't want to become just a 'mommy blogger' - not that there is anything wrong with that, its just the angle I wanted to use when blogging. I am proud of my kids just like every other parent in the world - I think they are wonderful but its a case of 'you re a good act but you're on too long' when any parent consistently talks about nothing else but their children. But I just have to impart this little story that happened yesterday with my eldest daughter.

When I came home from work there was a shortage of milk in the house. So I decided to take Luci S, My eldest daughter to the local shop. This was one of the few times she has been without her stroller as I live in the city centre there are so many busy main roads its not worth taking the chance with an enthusiastic toddler. But I figured with a vice like grip she should be at the stage where shes got to start learning to walk at a normal pace (and not be like a dog let off a leash LOL) and also adhere to basic pedestrian rules etc. She was exceptionally good holding onto my hand just as hard as I was holding onto hers and didn't try to pull away and escape. She smiled and said hello to every person who passed our way and she seemed to have the power to disintegrate the most stoic looking business men's faces into beaming smiles back. There was a minor fracas in the shop when she seen Barbie Mini eggs but on the whole the outing went without a glitch.

Just before we got to our house a neighbour from our block who I dont see too often was walking towards us. She stopped and commented on how bonny Luci was getting. Now the woman, has what I would put it, a shane mc gowan smile . Her teeth are in alarming disarray. Then Luci S pipes up 'What happened to your teef'?? Frozen in shock it was one of those 'quick jude think on your feet'moments. I quickly told her it was not a nice thing to say and that the tooth fairy was coming to the ladys house that night. Then the neighbour Jumped in to state that she fell and they broke. Her next sentence made me want to sprint to our front door with embarrassment. 'have you a big pillow'?? It was almost like the kid understood the multitude of teeth this woman had to put under her pillow and she had quickly calculated that they would need some serious amount of goosefeather to cover such a money making commodity. 'I better get home, the little one will go mad with envy when she finds out I brought her sister out without her too' I said meekly. Im sure there will be plenty more incidences when my children will commit stellar faux pas I just hope I will be quicker to steer them away from making them more prolonged..


Pickled Olives said...

heeheeeeehee!! So, Does she have a big pillow? Thanks for the morning smile. Your daughter is smart as a whip! I'm guessing she takes after you.

Hammer said...

How embarassing! Yeah I still have those moments. Number one daughter asks a stranger "Why are you so fat" Or "Why don't you have a husband?"

I feel like crawling into the woodwork.

Judith said...

shes as cute as a fox! And her little sister is smarter and as mad as a snake not sure who she takes after there LOL

Ive got a whole wood pile to look forward to crawl in and out of !

Jason h said...

Going to Cali this weekend!! We're you the one asking me about the government grants website? Here it is..Here ya go..

tkkerouac said...

Very interesting blog, Fly sent me here!

Judith said...

Jason H
Eh what?? No? And your blog is empty?
Thanks! Very erotic blog you have there too! And fox if youre lurking thanks also!

Glamourpuss said...

Good logic. A fine mind that wee girl has.


Judith said...

She will make me proud I have no doubt just not around toothless crones!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

It's hard to refute the logic of children. Or the honesty.

Funny story. Your label, "mouth like a gang of vandals broke into a cemetery" is the funniest thing I've heard in ages.

Crankster said...

Jesus, Jude, those images! They remind me of that Simpson's episode with "The Big Book of English Smiles."

Judith said...

Ive a goldmine of those sayings only when to apply them is the key. But I agree, from the mouth of babes..

would you believe I actually went and looked for those images from the simpsons but couldnt get them! Thats the first search I went on google for!

slaghammer said...

When little brother was maybe five, we were standing in line at the grocery store when he yelled out as loud as he could, "LOOK MOMMY, THAT MAN DOESN'T HAVE ANY ARMS! He was also prone to mistaking random men as our dad. He would yell, "DADDY, DADDY" which of course caused more than a few women to look at their husbands with suspicion.

Judith said...

Does he still get himself into trouble now saying it?