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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sweet Feline

Crap day at work yesterday was obliterated with the delights of american almonds chocolate and peanut butter sent to me in form of M&MS via the post by the wonderful and generous General Catz it was a welcome endorphin boost! Check out her blog , there is always something witty, interesting and thought provoking there. And Catz this one's for you good luck with Work thang!


Pickled Olives said...

General Catz is too kind. M&M's are my favorite sweet treat! I haven't heard the Smiths in good long while. Thanks for sharing!

General Catz said...

What a lovely post to wake up to! I'm glad you got them alright. I know the parcel was squishy. And thanks for the good wishes video. Did you know i saw the Smiths 100 years ago?

Judith said...

She is ; I wasnt even expecting them, which is the nicest of suprises!
Thanks again! Course you do know this means war now *said in bugs bunny voice* ;OD Yknow I like the ferris buellers version just as much as the mozza marr one

General Catz said...

Yer funny. i'm working on coming over for a few days. i'll let you know. might stay at the clarence.