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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gobshite City

Two of the newest denizens to gobshite city are Alec Baldwin and Sheryl Crowe.

Sheryl Crowe has ordered her entourage to use one sheet of toilet paper per visit and is getting on her soapbox now about how we all should follow suit. The thing that gets me why doesnt she stop touring if she's so fucking concerned about the enviornment?? I mean all that power thats needed to go on tour? Alright she maybe touring in a bio fuelled bus, and one could argue at least shes highlighting green issues and doing her bit , which Im all for, but dont tell me how much toilet paper to use. If you want to keep a damp rag in your pocket for such occasions Sheryl go for it. But we all havent got an arse like a pea in a hanky and sometimes some of us suffer from runny bums if we have a touch of food poisoning. Sounds like the only following you will have after your preaching is the swarm of flies Ms Crowe..

Now Alec
Ah alec, alec, alec.. How can I put this??? Ehmmm?? Oh Yeah ' Your kid is fucking better off without you!' No matter how alienated you feel from your child you DO NOT call her such hideous names , you childish , self centred monster. To everyone now you are terminally damaged goods by your outburst. Did you stay in character since 'cat in the hat'?? Do you know your childs age or your own for that matter??. Get on your knees and pray that your daughter forgives you for such a shameful outburst you gimp!


General Catz said...

Well, the TP thing is basically insane. If you can get away with using one square, more power to ya. But, frankly, i don't feel like having bodily wastes all over my hands.

As for Alec, i don't see what the big deal is. I've been called far worse by my parents during fights. It just happens. The fact his arsehole wife released the tape, breaking a court order, is just as bad if not worse. She's embarrassed the hell out of her daughter. If i was the daughter i'd wanna shoot Kim.

Judith said...

Fair point. If she did release the tape was it for a smear campaign /name and shame him for being an outright bully? I have no doubt there are two sides to the story but calling your kid a pig?? Ive been called choice names by my parents too but PIG? ??

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Oh, Yayyy for you! We're both after the idiotic Ms. Crow today. Apparently, she is not only a bad singer, but has other disgusting qualities, too.

I hope that everyone who looks at her from now on will be picturing her shitty bum.

As for Baldwin, he is truly despicable, and his ex-wife should have had enough self-control not to humiliate her daughter before the entire world.

That poor child has two parents who are so embroiled in bitterness toward each other that both are obviously willing to sacrifice her at an age when she is bound to be suffering anyway. Preadolescence is such a sensitive time even without living on a battlefield.

I hope they take away the Baldwins' toilet paper for good.

Pickled Olives said...

I had a friend who was so cheap, she would buy 2 ply toilet paper and use 1 ply at a time. She had a tiny tush like Sheryl Crowe. I wonder if there is a correlation between bad ideas and tiny tushes?

Alec Balwin is a dick. He and Kim have been at this fighting thing for way too long and it looks like there are no winners there. Sad.

I like your take on these issues.

Crankster said...

I don't even know what to say about Alec Baldwin, but as for Sheryl Crow, I think a good source of spare paper would be all those leftover Sheryl Crow concert programs.

Just sayin'.

Hammer said...

Amen: I hope crow gets chronic dysentary or irritable bowel syndrome for her stupid remarks.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

And now she's trying to backpedal and say that it was all a joke to get people's attention.

She seems to have diarrhea of the mouth, and I don't think one square is going to do it.

Judith said...

Both Mr Baldwin & Ms Basinger should by all means get a gagging order on one another for the sake of their child- Do they want Ireland (their daughters name) to end up on a couch of a shrink for most of her adult years?? And as for Ms Crowe well all her back peddling wont close the pandoras box shes opened no matter how much toilet paper she stuffs in it to close her bad publicity vortex she's unleashed on herself.
I love the way you used the past tense 'I had a friend' was it her cheapness or bad smell that left her by the wayside?
I have a feeling that the concert programmes will somehow end up as toilet paper anyway
The chances are she will with all the flies hanging around her especially when it comes to eating (but she doesnt look like she does much of that either - eat your dinner Crow!when you have an ass like the rest of us lets see what your take on the one square is then)

Glamourpuss said...

Why is she still famous anyway? I don't recall having heard her do anything useful for a long time.

As to him - eejit.


Judith said...

to my recollection shes never done anything useful full stop
as for Alec well hes apologised etc etc but the horse has fled the stable already

shoes said...

my dad used to yell at me like alec did to his kid.....it only made the sex hotter.....

i've been waiting quite some time to use this joke.....

Judith said...

You are twisted..

I like it LOL