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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mother of all Music memes

So I was looking around catz blog and at her vast eclatic musical tastes and having quite a large and varied taste in music myself decided to unleash a meme on catz, stucco, olives and crankster. Im doing it and its kinda cool but a bit long but fun and thats all what its about kids! The very beautiful liquid voice on the youtubecube is your reward having participated but dont play it until you guys have answered!
What’s a great late night song?
Avalon Roxy Music

Name 5 wistful/bittersweet songs:
Into my arms Nick Cave
Will You Hazel O Conner
One More time The Cure
troy Sinead O Connor
Forbidden colors Ryuchi Sakamoto & David Slyvian

The 4 Best Songs Ever Written:
Wish you were here Pink Floyd
whole lotta love Led Zeppelin
as the world falls down David Bowie
Along the watchtower Bob Dylan (hendrix version)

3 Current Favorite Songs:
foxy lady - Jimi Hendrix
killing moon -echo & the bunnymen
the chain -fleetwood mac

A Classic Drinking Music album:
Electric Ladyland

A Song You Want (or did) To Play At Your Wedding:
wuthering heights by ryuchi sakamoto played on the violin

4 Good Angry Songs:
walk -Pantera
new world order - ministry
Terror - my ruin
closer -Nine inch nails

One of Your Favorite Lyrics:
Nick Cave - are you the one-

Out of sorrow entire worlds have been built
Out of longing great wonders have been willed
They're only little tears, darling, let them spill
And lay your head upon my shoulder
Outside my window the world has gone to war
Are you the one that I've been waiting for

3 Cover Songs Arguably Better Than the Original:
Wild horses - the sundays
wonderful world -joey ramone
my funny valentine- miranda sex garden

Ironic Song to Brutally Murder Someone to in a movie:
urban space man -bonzo dog dooh dah band

Good Album to Clean The House To:
any motown or john barry collection

Good Dining Music:
heaven or las vegas - cocteau twins

A Good Album To Put You In the Mood (that is NOT Sade, Marvin Gaye or Barry White):
the doors collection' or voodoo people by prodigy

Good Album To Sleep To:
victorialand -cocteau twins

2 Songs That are Too Damn Sad:
thats no way to say goodbye -leonard cohen
sweetest smile - black

Great Love Song:
home -depeche mode

Song To An Ex That Isn’t Meanspirited:
superglider- drugstore

Song To An Ex That Is Kinda Meanspirited:
killing in the name of - rage against the machine (only for the last bit of the song though)

Song to lose your Mind to:
Hot Rats - Frank Zappa

4 Songs That Make You Feel Amped and Inspired:
Lil Devil - The Cult
Lucretia my reflection - sisters of mercy
Beautiful ones- Suede
its my life =talk talk

3 songs that are guilty pleasures
Beautiful - roger whittiker
the most beautiful girl in the world - charlie rich
do that to me one more time - captain and tenile (blame my fathers brainwashing as a young child for all 3)

Criminally Underrated Band That Didn’t Get Attention and Then Broke Up:
gonna have to get back to you on that one..

Best Screw You I Am a Teenager in Pain Song:
stay together-suede

Feel No Shame, Great Current Pop Songs:
I dont think I know any!?!

Album No One Would Expect You To Love:
frankie lanes greatest hits or deep forest's first album

Hip-Hop Song You Know All the Lyrics Too:
I really really dont know any

Random Album You Loved In High School But Are Afraid To Admit It:
cutting crews any color album *cringe*

Album You May Have Listened To More In High School than Any Other Album:
Some girls wonder by mistake - sisters of mercy
If You Could Enter A Wrestling Ring to a Song It Would Be:
judith by a perfect circle

Album To Clear A Room With:
any oasis album


Glamourpuss said...

I am so with you on the Oasis thing - criminally overrated.


Judith said...

they are talentless arseholes who just cashed in on a sex pistol vibe whilst raping every beatles album going. Id love to see liam gallagher filled in and his brothers eyebrows shaved off heh heh heh heh They are just football louts that learned to play a few cords..

Pickled Olives said...

Oh, YOU did good. This will take me a few days but I'll get there! I can't wait to see the video reward!

Judith said...

Take as long as you like but the video reward is nothing comical or visually stunning, its just a voice to soothe those tired brain cells after straining to remember all those great personal greats of yours - a lullaby if you like after a long nights slog at the computer but its a beautiful voice and worth burning the midnight oil for!

General Catz said...

Christ, what kind of work have you given me now? It will be in tomorrow's blog.

Nice answers, i was really stumped on some. I've seen more bands than i have albums.

General Catz said...

Did you change the quiz or something? now there's stuff in there that i didn't copy yesterday and i thought i copied everything.

Judith said...

yeah when pasting it from a folder there was the guilty pleasures one that I forgot to paste- Only realised the yesterday - sorry

Crankster said...

Sorry for the delay on this one--it's taking a little time.

Judith said...

Crankster like I said to olives on hindsight I realised although cool music questionnaire it is, this is a horrible meme to give people as its just a tad enduring which leads to an overwhelming sense of aggravation and can only offer my sincerest apologies thus If you want to give it a miss I totally understand.

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