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Thursday, January 26, 2006

back to the drawing board

My Sister tells me theres a professional draughtsmans table coming my way over the weekend - its a case of not enough hours in the day really but Ill gladly relieve her of it- I mean where am I going to get time to write and Illustrate as well as trying to contain the demons in my house? All this talent eh? he he Im sure when I get writers block it will be a welcome distraction creative wise and if it prooves to be more of a distraction well then 2 good things can come from it - I can 'create' the characters that are giving me the writers block and the other means Ill have a lot more pictures in my house.. It will be fun squeezing it in as it is we have a writing beureau, HUGE computer desk , double bed as well as other bits in our room.. if it doesnt fit we'll have to sleep on the window cill its either that or I sell the kids on the internet - buy one get one free! Ahh sure theyre young enough - they couldnt be that attached and whats the saying about kids being resiliant?? (BTW only kidding social services!!)

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