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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Nightime and its auditor

According to my 'superior' calander monday the 9th of January's words of wisdom are; sometimes even to live is an act of courage' - My act of valor these days seem to be retaining some semblence of cognitive thought without me falling out of my standing with sleep. My slumbering starfish where in with me last night when their dad travelled to the uk and with rivers of nose jam and their inabilities to clear their throats and noses makes it a melee in the bed for comfortable positions thus mama ended up sleeping horizontally at the foot of the bed , legs dangling over the side in constant persuit from her slumberering youngest.

Anyway ryan came home 16 hours later than planned, skipped a gig he was supposed to film and we ended up watching paul mc kennas ' I will make you thin' which I remain sceptical about but sound advice in it - during the course of the show Ryan ordered some food which we where laughing about for ages but for both of us it was a very early night as mr sandmand had a stash of special gear of the 'taser gun ' variety for us.

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