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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Part I - J facts

1. My eyes change colour from green to blue.
2. One of my middle names is Pious (what in gods green was my mother thinking)
3. I used to go on ghost hunts way before most haunted became popular
4. I have nine scars, 3 on my left hand, one on my chin, 2 from sections, one from invisible ink, one from barbed wire and the other from kiss chasing
5 My favourite drink is cold bulmers in a hot pub
6 My Favourite drink at home is red wine
7 Im a true scorpio
8 I don’t believe in horoscopes but believe in archetypes
9 Am a member of the Bram Stoker Clan
10 I once got a coffin for my birthday
11 My first memory is of my mum and brother falling on top of me
12 Im allergic to kiwis
13 I have a dead little finger that does not bend (hence one of the scars)
14 I have a fear of falling down stairs
15 I have 7 piercing in one ear and none in the other
16 I have a huge collection of tim burton figures which is bordering on fanatical
17 I will rummage in car boots for my magpie collection even though dignity is on sale in those places
18 I have a phobia of blue bottles
19 I love white knuckle rides
20 I pride myself on warner brother quotes
21 My Favourite vegetables are onions and red peppers
22 I hate celery and Aniseed
23 I nearly drowned when I was eight
24 I hate straight coffee ; makes me gag but I can drink cappuccinos
25 I was 25 when I first fell in love


La Cremiere said...

What's Kiss Chasing?
ok. I'm down reading your old entries, but I'm bored being stranded at home with a cold and your blog is very entertaining.

Judith said...

Kiss chasing is just when a group of boys run after girls and whoever catches who they kiss, its a one on one ration not a big load of snotty boys kissing one girl which would be VERY WRONG LOL