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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

RaNdOm qUeStIoN

Ive just been updating my profile here when these random questions came up and for some reason wouldnt save my answer so here it is even if it is a shit story - something I didnt have to think to hard about and you'll see the proof
Random Question:The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:
Come children gather by the fire and hear tales of worlds of wonder , giants ,castles , goblins and things that go bump in the night this story is for the younger children who must go to bed as soon as its told - to the older children Ive got a dvd of the exorcist - directors cut... So where were we ? Ah Yes Once upon a time there was a bald frog, he was not always bald (as most of you think thats the given with frogs ) and its not everyday you hear tale of hairy frog and to be fair was ostricised from the frog community because of his hairiness - outcast as a freak in his amphibian society he found solice in the pond in the grounds of the palace -where he lived there for a considerable amount of time until he met up with a princess , the woman responsible for the undoing of this waved and coiffed creature until he became bald . the bald frog wore a wig to cover up the fact he had been a victim of alopecia since ' the gold ball' incident - the princess was high maintenence and fickle thus causing a stressful lifestyle for aforesaid frog with the tooing and the froing from poolside to the pawnshop (an inevitability with the dense pondweed and visability factory, balls got lost more often ) the frogs hair fell out by the webfull and was reduced from a follicly herculean frog to moby look alike , the frog proud of his uniqueness from his amphibian counterparts decided to go and get himself a wig, not for vanity you understand only because he felt his identity lay within the fact that it was what made him the frog he was today ahh yes the frog stared adversity in the face one more time and left the palace pond for good opting for the more bohemien lifestyle and cultural village a few miles down the road - moral of the story? Anyone asks you to consistantly fetch gold balls from a pond or find you a public eyesore in your enviornment- tell them to go and fuck off.Ps Just incase you where wondering the frogs wig is black and purple dreads since getting involved with the goth and metal scene

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