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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

25 more useless facts

I have never broken a bone
Another of my animal phobias are Kondo dragons - vile filthy beasts
I never had a knick name at school
My first concert was Nick Kershaw -thing is I didn’t ask to see him my brother and sister went and my mum figured I would be wild with jealousy if I didn’t go so she got me a ticket
My teenage idol was Billy Idol if you will pardon the pun
I won a fancy dress competition when I was seven dressed up as a ‘punk’ but my recollection of the judges laughter and my mothers telling I was dressed more like a prostitute rather than an anti capitalist angry youth of the late 70s
I can play guitar but would love to play piano or cello - piano because of tom waits and Michael nyman and cello having seen truly madly deeply
I think Alan Rickman has great charisma
I really hate chick flicks
My longest relationship which is ongoing is 5 years
I smoke a lot
I believe if we all questioned authority with the spirit of Bill Hicks in our hearts the world would be a better place
I have no time for triskaidaphobists
Or people that cant spell it J
I have a fear of dying due to my weight which is why I am doing something about it now
Id love to produce childrens books with the same appeal of JK Rowling
I think most people don't take enough responsiblity for their own actions.
I have a lot of "hermit" tendencies and I do not like crowds especially when shopping.
My second daughter and I nearly died when I was having a caesarean
Ì cannot abide religious extremists be they, Christians , Muslim etc
If I had to pick my overall feel good movie would be ‘Amelie’
Eventually (and I hope not in my childrens lifetime) I believe religious beliefs /Americas egotistical greed will be responsible for a third world war
Although I love my children to death would have at least liked another year or two of being irresponsible feckless disposable income earning git with more time than sense on my hands
Id rather die being known as the crazy lady in the spooky house than being an anonymous old bird that no one knew they where dead
If I knew I was going to die on a specific date Id write a stand up comic routine for my wake on my views and life etc

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