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Thursday, February 9, 2006

The Virus of Insanity

There is a go slow in work - no one wanted builders in before Christmas and no one has the money after recovering from the insane expenditure of the festive period and to top it all my firewall expires and there’s at least 2 thousand corrupt or infected files on my pc. Which basically speaking (in the words of my old Asian pigeon legged mad as a snake landlord) ’got filled in’. So the computer is now in the hands of one of my boss’s sons friend who just happens to be one of the biggest dope smokers and porn barons in Dublin for ‘ cleaning’.. This is a topsy turvy world I live in..
To top it all off I have my insane boss asking the rhetorical question consistently ‘why is there no work in’ at this stage the slow cancer of insanity is a downwards spiral - Home life is no picnic either Ryan’s cabin fever increases with each day and both my daughters having erratic sleeping patterns are not helping but in all this insanity I am grateful for the small things , I could be going to a funeral tomorrow so why bother worrying, getting wound up. Jesus I have a friend going through radiotherapy at the moment for cancer at the moment - I’m in a hell of better place than most. So I wont complain Some people don’t know what they have got - for instance there’s my boss- selling part of his salvage yard for over 4million, note the use of the word part -has several different bank accounts accruing to the equivalent , has at least seven properties , he has a broken marriage, his kids are like vultures in the eves, his 20 year relationship with his partner is full of contempt and they live in the same house without speaking a word to one another- for all his money I wouldn’t swap

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La Cremiere said...

... and that's all the reasons why I love and respect my boss. He's a player and drinks too much, gets psychotic after drinking too. But in spite of being a genius at his job, attractive through the years and fun. He always stuck by his wife. So when people slack him off I put them back in their place, because most men in his position would have had three marriages by now.