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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Ghost of Me

The Ghost in man,
the ghost that once was man
But cannot wholly free itself from Man,
Are calling to each other thro' a dawn
Stranger than earth has ever seen;
the veil Is rending,
and the voices of the day
Are heard across the Voices of the dark".

I was treated to a rare visual experience the other night, trawling through the usual clap trap of satilite came across a documentry of a modern day master , the truly inspiring Simon Marsden, whilst watching his images of archaic gothic albeit haunting photography It also reminded me on how much my love affair with the elemental forces of the land had made an irrevocable mark upon my early years and stayed with me ever since. His monotone yet charismatic voice not only spellbound me with his understanding of things but in essence made me connect with the part of me that has never been tainted by the every day modern hum drum living. It was almost as if it gave me a glimpse of the ghost of my past for I had nearly forgotten..

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