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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Back on line ! But not back on track - Last week was a trip to parental hell with my daughter suffering from chronic constipation and then contracting the vomiting and diahorrea virus ; ensured several trips via the ambulence with screaming child in tow and after the drama of that and my home turned into a roman vomitorium when luci also contracted it and myself getting a touch of it too at the end of the week. The week was a blur but suffice to say I let a small sigh of relief the girls arent completely over their ordeal- luci being a bit ropey but Im glad to see color in their little faces at least. To top things off my mother was in hospital the same week getting a hip replaced and jeez I missed her - shes on the road to recovery too.. Never a dull moment.. The best news I have is that my sister and my pending brother in law are making it legal - yes thats right they got engaged and Im green as pus with envy and christ what a rock - shes delirously happy and its a long time coming to her (the happiness that is not the engagement - the latter is whirlwindishy but who says you need time to be that sure?)....

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