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Monday, November 6, 2006

You couldnt make this shit up...

My boss's son and his girlfriend has angered a big time lunatic in the criminal underworld of Dublin by selling her story to a national rag about his paedophile past. There is every chance this guy will seek retaliation in the form of a torching of business or knee capping. Which ever method he chooses I for sure do not want to be witness to it..


slaghammer said...

We call that “stirring up a hornet’s nest” here. I hope they make lots of money for their troubles.

Judith said...

see the thing is it puts all my work collegues at risk my boss's son and his girlfriend live practically 200 yards from here so this place and his house are open targets. The lunatic in question had some bone to pick with a publican a couple of years ago so he set fire to the pub and when the publican came running into the pub to try and somehow put it out the lunatic walks back into the blaze and shoots the publican in both legs..