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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New Beats

Ive changed the look and sounds on the player I hope there is a sense of joy /discovery for everyone that reads this blog in the tracks that Ive chosen. Ive got 5 more to add so its still not final. Enjoy!


Hammer said...

Are the songs random or do they play in order?

David said...

Good gear.

Judith said...

random I can programme it to play in order I have to tweak it.

Crankster said...

My daughter came crawling into the study as soon as the Jay Hawkins started playing. It was like the pied piper.

BTW, I linked to you--I love the stuff you put up!

Judith said...

Linked you too Crankster - Screamin Jay has the same effect on my girls too they go all kooky dancing like crazy kids on a 70s music show