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Sunday, November 5, 2006

Bruce Wayne is a hard bastard from Glasgow

and heres the proof

think about it


Judith said...

Do you know of any other race that would take on a fight like that well do you?????

slaghammer said...

I was waiting for Godzilla to make his appearance. Why no Godzilla?

Crankster said...

That's the best depiction of the Joker that I've ever seen!

Of course, with a name like Bruce, you can't be really surprised.

Judith said...

Isnt it just, Ive always preferred the Arkham Asylum/Mckean Morrison slant on batman myself but that Joker acted the pants of Nicolson!

Judith said...

Slag I was half expecting ET with a baseball bat to start leaving a trail of M&Ms for the caped crusader in the darkest recess of the alleyway

Judith said...

ps thanks crankster for stopping by!