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Monday, November 20, 2006

Wish upon a star

It was my birthday yesterday. One of the gifts I recieved from my beloved was a tattoo/piercing gift certificate.. Even at 35 I dare not tell my mother..
One of the nicest things about my birthday was that there was a meteor shower in the early hours of the morning , the Leonid Meteor shower happens once every 30 years and apparantly because of all the crap in the atmosphere this one would probably be the last one to see with the naked eye. I checked out the weather it said cloudy but I held out my hopes. At 5am I went downstairs opened my front door and went out to the balcony. There was a break in the clouds and I seen one. Call me a dreamer but I made a wish.


slaghammer said...

Happy thirty-fifth! Where I live, you have to drive 20 miles to reach skies dark enough to see anything. Ahhh, city life.

Crankster said...

Happy Birthday! And I hope your wish comes true.

Judith said...

thanks guys. I live in the heart of dublin city albeit near the bay and I think I was just lucky it was a big meteor that was bright enough for me to see )

Stucco said...

Hi Judith- for the record the Leonids and Persiods happen every year, but the degree to which they are impressive is variable. I rememeber being in Montana camping once in the 80's during the Persiods and I was winess to a meteor(ite?) that was flippin close apparenly as we could all hear it. That's the sort of memory that sticks with you. Glad you saw one. In Seattle it't way too bright and cloudy to do much stargazing, but in Colorado it can be nice (although all I see anymore are sattelites- ever sen an iridium flare?)

Judith said...

According to the news report I read it only happens over the skies of the uk / eire every 30 years which is a shame.. Thanks for telling me about iridium flares after I googled it stucco I was fairly impressed with the beautiful images I seen but felt a little let down that it was 'man made'.Its the realist and the romantic wrestling with that fact stucco but thanks again for sharing