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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Missing off the face of Hogmanay

This is my first time on the net since the 21st and right now my two toddlers are vying for attention to settle down and chill out with the essential cuddles before the sandman comes and does his magic (it better be four scoupefuls of his cement best, Daddy and I want to make some magic of our own before enforced celibacy comes in the shape of 3 other kids staying at ours for about 6 days - the twang of the wah wah peddle will be a merer echo of past) I wish you all a very happy blessed and peaceful new year and look forward to reading all your delightful words next year Im listening to this song at the moment - a beautiful sentiment lyrically and literally (- and the birds on the video are a bit of alright too eh lads?? ;OP)


Hammer said...

Welcome back :)

Crankster said...

Happy, Happy New Year, Judith!