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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Card

To all who read my blog and all those I comment on this is just an offering to wish you all the best this festive season. Although the video is still loading up as I type ; I chose it for the 'as gaelige'(in irish) version of silent night rather than the vision mixing happy person who made the footage.

So to all of you and yours, from this little corner of the emerald isle have a very happy christmas, happy hanukah etc



Dan said...

Thanks Judith. That was very sweet. And the best to you and yours this holiday season.

Stucco said...

Cheers Judith- Do you speak/read/write Gaelic?

Judith said...

Thanks Dan!

Stucco - I can speak, read and write Gaelic not totally fluent in it of course but I can hold my own in conversation, its taught to us in school from about 4-18 years old until we finish school hence my being a bit rusty in it..

slaghammer said...
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slaghammer said...

I love, and I mean L O V E, that music. I go into a fuzzy trance when I hear it. Thanks for posting it.

Judith said...

my pleasure slag :o) I love her rendition of marble halls although I dont think too many people sing it in these parts what with the superstition attached to it