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Monday, December 18, 2006

Memed by a Cranky Old Bastard

Ive been tagged By crankster, so Ill tag Slaghammer, Stucco, Hammer and General Catz. If you guys have already did this meme please direct me to it in your archives (for proof LOL).
1. Three things that scare me:
-George Bush and His government
-the death of the people I love
-Kondo dragons

2. Three people who make me laugh:
-My Dad
-My Daughters

3. Three things I love:
-My Partner Ryan
-My daughters
-My parents & family

4. Three things I hate:
-celery (tastes like it was watered in the ground with piss)
-Being told to ‘shush’ (I get that pet hate from my mother- do it to her and she’ll go atomic on you)
-lack of compassion

5. Three things I don't understand:
-Poverty in our times
-the unfair treatment of children in the judicial system

6. Three things on my desk (at home)
-A glass pentagram orb
-A wind up walking nun
-A pacifier

7. Three things I'm doing right now:
-Smoking (don’t lecture me please , Im big and hairy enough to know what Im doing- Im giving up SOON)
-Contemplating to put on some face paint because I woke up late and walked into work looking like a banshee
-writing Christmas cards

8. Three things I want to do before I die:
-Write a book and see it published/on film
- Get tattood by Kat Von D
- see my grandchildren graduate

. Three things I can do:
-Sign Language
-Play guitar

10. Three things I can't do:
-Link properly on my blog (cut and paste examples would be appreciated via email - Im a dope at that stuff!)
-Leave things alone in an argument (until things are smoothed out Im like a dog with a bone)
-Bend my left pinky (I severed the tendon in it via a shattered hand basin)

11. Three things you should listen to:
-Bill Hicks
-Mark Thomas
-Dead Can Dance

12. Three things you should never listen to:
-Nails on a blackboard
-George Bush

13. Three things I'd like to learn:
- Special effects make up for movies
-How to shuffle like a croupier
-Play Harp/ Classical Piano

14. Three favorite foods:
-Stir Fried Noodles with beansprouts
-Seafood Chowder
-Spaghetti marinated in Mediterranean tomatoes with basil served on toasted batch Mama Mia!

15. Three beverages I drink regularly:
-Diet Coke
-Lots of water

16. Three shows I watched as a kid
-Wildlife on One
-Flash Gordon
- Roald Dahls Tales of the Unexpected


La Cremiere said...

Very cool three's. Good luck on the quitting smoking. Well done on the sign language. I tried my hands at guitar but only ever managed to play below average The Cure's Just like Heaven.

To put up links on your blog:
go to the HMTL tab and write
Judith's Ramblings
and there is a way to make the link open in a new page, but the comment window is not allowing it, so it will be a lesson for another time.

Hope this helps.
Merry Christmas.

La Cremiere said...

oh bloody hell, it created a link instead of showing the text!!

the code is (all in one line)
a href="http://www.judithsramblings.blogspot.com" target="_blank"
Judith's Ramblings
target="_blank" will open the link in a new page

If this text does not show here, I'll email you a screen shot.

La Cremiere said...

Actually... I hope you meant to know more about links as above otherwise, I'll blame my silliness on the fever I'm nursing today. :D

General Catz said...

I've done my duty. It's on today's entry (18-Dec).

Stucco said...

Mission Accomplished

Judith said...

Helene Thanks for all your comments for near enough 8 months no one left comments on my blog and thank you for taking the time to read my past entries and commenting on them that was sweet! Welcome and youve been tagged (ahh the baptism of fire commences) Thanks for the pointers too

Catz and Stucco Im away to your blogs to see what depravities you have in store for me :o)

Crankster said...

What an awesome list! A glass pentagram?

To learn to do special effects makeup, check out Grand Illusions by Tom Savini. It's a great book, and gives step-by-step instructions. You'll probably also want to buy Techniques of Three-Dimenstional Makeup by Lee Baygan and Richard Corson's book. I think the title is Stage Makeup.

Judith said...

thanks Crankster. yeah its on a rotating disk and theres a color wheel underneath so it changes color subtly. Thanks for the book tips too I will check them out..

Hammer said...

Three thing meme

Judith said...

Sorry hammer as soon as I seen it I knew I had read it *blush*

slaghammer said...

Oh crap! I just returned from an extended work related freakout to find I’ve been tagged. I’ll respond to it as soon as I can, the pressure, the pressure.